Robogals Adelaide

Executive Committee
Chelsea Fortuna
Sarah Peters
Tran Ha
Anna Ragg
Vincenzo Franco
Marketing Manager
Sarah Eather
Schools Manager
Amanda Tan
Schools Manager
Iris Chak
Training Manager
Liam Halford
Training Manager
Rebecca Tan
Partnerships Manager
Current members: 354
All-time members: 444

Host university: University of Adelaide
Location: Adelaide, Australia

Established: 1 October 2009
Parent: Robogals Asia Pacific

About us:
The Robogals University of Adelaide chapter has been set up by a passionate and enthusiastic team of students mostly from undergraduate engineering, maths and computer science. We are a fully affiliated club through the Adelaide University Union and love what we do.

Most Initiative (Asia Pacific) 2012

Best Event (Australia & New Zealand) 2011

Biggest Impact - Honorable Mention (Australia & New Zealand) 2011

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