Robogals Brisbane

Executive Committee
Smriti Bangera
Justine Bennett
Helena Payne
Kimberley Randall
Marketing Manager
Jared Carey
Schools Manager
Reagan Marshall
Training Manager
Jacob Henderson
Partnerships Manager
Current members: 494
All-time members: 522

Host university: University of Queensland
Location: Brisbane, Australia

Established: 1 October 2009
Parent: Robogals Asia Pacific

About us:

Robogals Brisbane was founded in 2009 an is one of the oldest chapters. We are a large chapter with 159 students signed up in 2015 and around 40 regularly active general members. Our executive committee has recently expanded to include 8 hard working and passionate students whose majors range across the STEM field.

The three focal areas for Robogals UQ this year were:
1. Increasing volunteer engagement and sense of community,
2. Developing the long term sustainability of the chapter, and
3. Increasing the quality and depth of impact of our workshops.

To meet these goals we:
- Teach robotics workshops with LEGO EV3s to all age groups.
- Hold an Annual Industry Gala to connect our industry partners with our members.
- Hold weekly meet ups to connect people and develop friendships.
- Value transparency and accountability with our finances and admin policies.
- Go on rural trips every uni break to increase our reach.
- Collaborate with UQ, other clubs and organisations on teaching, social and industry events.

Biggest Impact - Honorable Mention (Asia Pacific) 2013

Best Rural Trip (Asia Pacific) 2012

Biggest Impact - Honorable Mention (Asia Pacific) 2012

Biggest Impact (Australia & New Zealand) 2011

Most Initiative (Australia & New Zealand) 2011

Most Creative (Australia & New Zealand) 2010

Most Integrity (Asia Pacific) 2010

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