Robogals Bristol

Executive Committee
Kelvin Lam
Sunny Luo
Jasper Kearney
Wei Xia
Schools Manager
Yow Wei Ler
Training Manager
Current members: 112
All-time members: 113

Host university: University of Bristol
Location: Bristol, UK

Established: 25 April 2010
Parent: Robogals EMEA

About us:

Robogals Bristol is gaining popularity each year, with a rapidly expanding member base. In Bristol, we introduce the idea of problem solving, creativity and critical-thinking to children each week, as we believe that these are some of the important skills required for engineering.

We mainly focus on junior school children, however we also visit primary schools, brownie groups and occasionally sixth forms. We prepare fun and exciting activities involving Lego Mindstorms Robots, the “Robot Dance Off” being our personal favourite, but also give the children a chance to explore other disciplines of engineering through bridge and tower building. We have also started to participle in Digimakers (Raspberry PI Boot Camp) events at @Bristol, where kids of any age can participate and learn the basic for programming Lego Mindstorms.

We have many more events already planned for the future. Check our Facebook page for updates, or, if Facebook isn’t your thing, E-mail our president at [email protected] and we’ll keep you up to date via E-mail!

We would like to thank the ARM Holdings, the Bristol Alumni Foundation and the University of Bristol Engineering Faculty for giving us grants which help our society prosper. Without their financial support, we could not do what we do!

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