Robogals Melbourne

Executive Committee
Chloe Thai
Kathleen Owens
Marketing Manager
Sophie Son
Marketing Manager
Sandy Wigley
Schools Manager
Enda Larasati
Schools Manager
Sushma Pallapothu
Training Manager
Juliana Gagalowicz
Training Manager
Crystal Brazilek
Partnerships Manager
Current members: 1,330
All-time members: 1,408

Host university: University of Melbourne
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Established: 14 July 2008
Parent: Robogals Asia Pacific

Faculty contact:
Professor Jamie Evans
Associate Dean (Academic)
Melbourne School of Engineering

About us:
It all started here! :)

Biggest Impact (Asia Pacific) 2013

Best Communication (Asia Pacific) 2013

Most Girls Taught (Asia Pacific) 2012

Best Publicity (Asia Pacific) 2012

Biggest Impact - Honorable Mention (Asia Pacific) 2012

Most Girls Taught (Australia & New Zealand) 2011

Best Community (Australia & New Zealand) 2011

Biggest Impact (Australia & New Zealand) 2010

Best Event (Australia & New Zealand) 2010

Best Teamwork (Australia & New Zealand) 2010

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