Robogals Perth

Executive Committee
Hetal Shah
Lucy Yang
Bronte-Skye Wearing
Secretary & Treasurer
Marcel Muthucumaru
Events Manager
Shaun Tran
Porsha Krajancich
Schools Manager (Metro)
Sharmayn Sibanda
Schools Manager (Metro)
Andrea Carvalho
Schools Manager (Rural & Regional)
Dil Hafeel
Schools Manager (Rural & Regional)
David Steketee
Lessons Manager
Hiral Gadhiya
Partnerships Manager
Thomasina Foo
Volunteers Manager
Chloe Ip
Communications Manager
Current members: 186
All-time members: 489

Host university: University of Western Australia
Location: Perth, Australia

Established: 1 October 2009
Parent: Robogals Asia Pacific

About us:
Perth Robogals is a great chapter with dedicated, enthusiastic members. We conduct LEGO robotic and engineering workshops aimed at girls around twelve years old. We also love to get involved in engineering, science and robotic events happening in our community as well as in rural communities. We're proudly partnered with ConocoPhillips for the 2019/2020 period allowing us to continue to provide quality accessible workshops to kids to engage with STEM. To find out more about us please check out our website and Facebook.

Most Girls Taught (Asia Pacific) 2013

Best Event (Asia Pacific) 2013

Best Communication (Asia Pacific) 2012

Best Event (Asia Pacific) 2012

Best Communication (Australia & New Zealand) 2011

Best Publicity (Australia & New Zealand) 2011

Biggest Impact - Honorable Mention (Australia & New Zealand) 2011

Best Publicity (Australia & New Zealand) 2010

Most Facebook Fans (Australia & New Zealand) 2010

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