Please read through our Robogals way and accept the terms to continue.

The Robogals Way

The Robogals Way is a public statement about the standards of behaviour we expect of our people. Robogals people are expected to undertake their Robogals activities with respect for their health and well-being, and that of all other people that connect with the Robogals community.

Our Work

All Robogals activities strive to full the organisations mission and vision:

Mission: Inspire, engage and empower young women into engineering and related fields

Vision: A global culture of inclusion and diversity in engineering

Our Values

All Robogals people are expected to undertake their activities in line with the Robogals values. The four Robogals values are our pillars - they support our mission and guide us in our everyday activities.
  • Integrity - We are committed to our role in society and stand up for what we commit to achieve.
  • Community - Robogals is a family. Whether you are an executive, volunteer, partner or supporter we work together to make our vision a reality.
  • Passion - We are dedicated to diversity and inclusion in engineering and related fields. We are determined to make a difference.
  • Innovation - All members of our organisation have the chance to innovate and bring new ideas to the table. We encourage individualism and interests to shine.

Our Behaviours

We strive to be positive role models and champions of the Robogals mission and vision, in adherence with the Robogals Way. We lead by example in our interactions with schools, students, teachers, corporate partners and supporters. Our volunteer leaders and coordinators have a special responsibility to foster a culture in which ethical conduct is valued, recognised, demonstrated and expected.

Our Policies

Robogals Policies articulate the behaviours expected of all Robogals people. Each of the following Policy Summary Statements is underpinned be a detailed policy. We expect all volunteers of Robogals to behave in accordance with Robogals’ policies. Non-compliance with Robogals’ policy or other behaviours that are determined as misconduct or inappropriate conduct will be dealt with serious misconduct.
  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations - We take compliance seriously and will comply with all relevant laws, regulations, codes, organisational policies and procedures and the laws relevant to the areas of our activities.
  • Working with Children - we seek to minimise any potential risk of harm to students, participants and children. We adhere to statutory laws in Australia and foreign countries regarding child exploitation, child pornography and the abuse of children.
  • Volunteer Performance - We adhere to the highest standards of integrity and quality and at all times diligently and faithfully perform the duties and responsibilities of the role assigned to us, in the best interests of Robogals.

Respect for Others

  • Equal Opportunity - We are committed to ensuring the Robogals network is one where volunteers can fulfil their duties in an environment of mutual respect and fairness.
  • Diversity and Inclusion - We value differences and seek to enable everyone to participate in our work. We endorse diversity, advocate for and support equal rights, and do not support or practice discrimination.
  • Relationships with Others - We believe that all Robogals people should work in a productive and harmonious environment where all individuals are treated with respect. We will not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour towards others including bullying, harassment and sexual harassment.


  • Conflict of Interest - we will declare and report any conflicts of interest that arise from our involvement with other organisations.
  • Privacy - We are committed to protecting the privacy of information that is given to us.
  • Corporate records - We follow established record management practices associated with the creation, retention and discarding of corporate records.
  • Confidentiality - we respect the confidentiality of Robogals records and will not disclose or use confidential information, unless required to do so in performing the duties of an assigned role with Robogals or as required by law.
  • Use of Corporate Property - We treat Robogals’ property with respect and care.


  • Brand Champions - We respect the Robogals brand and strive to be positive champions of Robogals work.
  • Social Media - We leverage social media platforms as a means to fulfil the Robogals mission. We exercise good judgement in our use of social media.

Staying Safe

  • Health, Safety and Work Environment - We are committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for all individuals and will comply with the laws and safety regulations relevant to our activities. Please use the Incident Reporting form to report incidents.
  • Transport and Travel - We adhere to all safety regulations whilst travelling. Personal safety is paramount.
  • Security Risks & Emergencies - we ensure that Robogals has access to our current contact details and their emergency contact details.
  • Drugs and Alcohol - No volunteer should be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while volunteering with children. Alcohol should be consumed responsibly at all other times while representing Robogals.


  • Environmental Sustainability - We will comply with all government environmental policies relevant to the area of operation to minimise the adverse environmental impacts associated with the activities of Robogals, and create positive environmental value where possible.

Concerns and Wrongdoing

We are committed to reviewing and addressing concerns or issues proactively. We support and provide a safe and confidential environment for volunteers to report wrongdoing, without fear of victimisation or discriminatory treatment. Issues regarding concerns and wrongdoing can be lodged through the Robogals Complaints & Support Form.


We understand our behaviour around children at events, workshops and in public and social forums must not constitute misconduct. Misconduct includes, but is not limited to, refusal to carry out lawful or responsible instruction in line with the volunteer agreement, misbehaviour or negligence in the performance of duty as a Robogals Volunteer and breach of the Robogals Way. Allegations of misconduct will be addressed seriously.

Statement of Commitment

  1. I have read and understood the Robogals Way, and the Robogals Policies that underpin it.
  2. I am committed to undertaking my activities as a Robogals volunteer in accordance with the principles of the Robogals Way.
  3. A breach of the Robogals Way may result in cessation of volunteer duties.