myRobogals Support

The myRobogals support team is very happy to help you with a wide range of things! Such as:
  • General questions about using myRobogals
  • Forgotten usernames and passwords - please first try to reset your password but then don't hesitate to contact us if that doesn't work
  • Granting/revoking exec access, and creating/removing email addresses for committee members
  • Turning on or off the chapter custom fields (student number etc)
  • Amending incorrect stats that you can't modify yourself
  • Permanently delete users that you can't delete yourself (please provide explanation)
  • Fixing any bugs you've found in myRobogals (please provide steps to reproduce the bug, if possible)
  • Adding new features to myRobogals that you would find useful
  • Anything else you require assistance with!

To contact us, please email [email protected], or lodge a support request through our online knowledgebase and support system

Support is available in English only

For non-IT-related questions about Robogals please see the contact us at