Welcome to myRobogals

Update 2017/01/01
We have recently done a much needed upgrade of myRobogals. This means that it will now be easier to maintain and build upon in the future. However, with the upgrade, there will be some pages that will be broken as a result. So we will need your help to report any broken links and bugs to support@robogals.org, and we will have them fixed as quickly as we can.

myRobogals is our global intranet and record-keeping tool, designed to simplify many of Robogals' day-to-day tasks including organising school visits, maintaining a member database, communicating with members, storing records reliably for future generations and easily collecting statistics on a global scale!

Some of the basic functionality is covered in the myRobogals user guide.

If you need any assistance, just email support@robogals.org to get in touch with the myRobogals support team. Also don't hesitate to request new features - most of the features in myRobogals exist because someone like you requested them.

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