2017-05-26: Mass Import Workshops

Slow but steady, some more workshop related updates to come!

  • Implemented feature that allows chapters to upload a .csv file for their workshops
  • Added a new landing page
  • Added code of conduct form for users
  • Added workshop tracking
  • Created new sign-up form to simplify the process for new users
  • Allowed superuser to reopen workshops anytime
  • Added total boys count to the reporting list

2017-04-24: Quick Workshop Creation

Improved the workshop creation method for chapters

  • Implemented feature that allows chapters to quickly enter workshops stats to events that's already passed
  • Number of police check fixes
  • Bug Fix: Reporting table not displaying all the values correctly if a region enters statistics
  • Bug Fix: Instant workshop tag not closing in Chrome

2017-02-22: Updates

We've recently added a changelogs page to keep everyone updated on what we're doing with myRobogals. Keep an eye out on this page to keep up to date with changes made to the website!

  • Given the ability to add a police check number to a user's profile page, which is the number that is required for volunteers to be able to teach kids. It then sends an email to the executive committee members of the chapter to confirm their numbers and mark them as 'Pass Police Check' when they've changed or entered a number. To enable this feature, please email
  • Added favicon.
  • Removed forums and files temporarily seeing as this section isn't being used at the moment. It will be added back as soon as the rest of the website has been revamped.

2017-01-01: New Year, New myRobogals!

We have recently done a much needed upgrade of myRobogals. This means that it will now be easier to maintain and build upon in the future. However, with the upgrade, there will be some pages that will be broken as a result. So we will need your help to report any broken links and bugs to, and we will have them fixed as quickly as we can.