Biggest Impact (Asia Pacific) 2012

Award description:
Awarded to the Robogals chapter to have had the biggest impact on increasing girls' interest in engineering. This is a deliberately broad definition, so that all activities run by a Robogals chapter are counted!

Awarded to:
Robogals Canberra

This was very close and difficult to choose as the standard this year was so high! The board awarded this to ANU because of their broad impact in many areas. This chapter did everything a Robogals chapter should do: taught lots of robotics workshops (smashed their goal by over 150%, reaching 410 girls, and a few hundred boys too); ran two rural trips; recruited, trained and used lots of volunteers, thus engaging with their university community; held 8 events including BBQs and NXT drop-ins; partnered with Codarra Robotics Challenge; raised funds to buy LEGO NXTs and laptops; held regular team meetings with 92% attendance. They are also feedback junkies who like to analyse everything they're doing to ensure that it's actually having an impact. What a great effort from this chapter in only their first year - they have had a large on-the-ground impact in schools as well as creating a solid Robogals community that will ensure an ever-bigger impact in the years to come!