Robogals Global

Executive Committee
Lizzie Brown
Chair of the Board
Marita Cheng
Founder & Board Member
Mark Parncutt
Co-founder & Board Member
Jamie Evans
Board Member
Ami Pasricha
Chief Executive Officer
Akansha Kapoor
Chief Operations Officer
Sing Le
Chief Technical Officer
Caitie McClelland
Chief Development Officer
James Owens
Development Manager
Melissa Um
Development Manager
Steven Greenan
Development Manager
Pasangi Wickramarachchi
Development Manager
Kelvin Lam
Development Manager
Yuk Fai Cheung
Software Engineer
Chelsea Edmonds
Regional Executive Officer
Kate Fenwick
Regional Executive Officer
Anjali Thirumalavan
Regional Executive Officer
Sophia Lin
Marketing Manager
Current members: 5,877
All-time members: 6,695

Established: 14 July 2008

About us:
With members all over the world, our job is to nurture our chapters across the world to achieve their full potential, as well as expand to even more universities!

Our primary activities are:
  • Mentoring the Robogals Regional Executive Officers, who in turn, coordinate the Regional Teams and chapters in their region.
  • Constantly working to improve the training given to new chapter executive committee members, and running our annual SINE (Seminars Inducting New Exec) conferences.
  • Liaising with universities to set up new Robogals chapters.
  • General organisational development and improvement - e.g. seeking expert advice on teaching methods.
  • Maintaining all of Robogals' IT infrastructure globally, including myRobogals, websites and email.

Learn more about our teams:

The Development Team are currently working on a number of ​projects. If you're interested in getting involved please contact the the following people:
  • Impact Measurement - This project is aimed at improving the way we measure the impact Robogals has as an organisation. Key Contact:
  • Professional Development - The focus of this project is to improve the training materials available for Robogals chapters and to ensure volunteers have access to professional development material throughout the year. Key Contact:
  • Self Evaluation Tool - Surveys are specifically designed for teams to obtain feedback on how they are doing in the areas of Culture, Impact, Efficiency, Sustainability, Development and Relationships. SET is used as a reflection tool to encourage improvements in Robogals teams. Key Contact:
  • Culture Book - The aim of this project is to ​develop a Culture book that celebrates the achievements and stories of our global volunteers. Key Contact:
  • Recruitment Pipeline - This project is looking at how we can improve recruitment and retention of Robogals volunteers. Key Contact:
  • 10 Year Anniversary - This is a special project for 2018 and will focus on special events and initiatives to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Robogals. Key Contact:
  • T-shirt Design - Each year we create a new design for the Robogals t-shirt. Information on how we will develop the design will be released in March each year. Key Contact:

We love receiving helpful feedback and suggestions from the Robogals members on the ground - just email our team on and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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